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Masengesho Gallican: BIOGRAPHY



Gallican Masengesho was born in September 1983 in Munini Sector; Nyaruguru District; Southern province of Rwanda.He lost her beloved mother in 2000 since he was in second year of secondary school. Gallican just continued his secondary studies with the help of his grand father who entered the home of all human being in the following year of her mother's death. With the help of his two uncles and his dearest grandmother,he continued  surviving and  studing. He achieved his secondary studies in 2005 at TTC Mbuga where he obtained a A2 Diploma in Education. He taught the primary shool for 3 years at Gisizi primary school with the great aim to overcome an illiteracy which has negatively affected the district and the country in general.


After teaching for a long time in primaary school, Gallican prefered to continue his higher learning in Kigali Institute of Education where he is now specializing in faculty of Education, dapartment of Educational Psychology.




Gallican is ganarally a young guy of small size at least with 80m height and not more than 65kg weight. He is aware of his small size without any complex. He likes being given responsabilities, being needed to support and help. He is also generous, enthousiast and emotional. He expresses his feelings easily but he neglects also easily the agressive behaviours that are manifested to him. Gallican dislikes untruthy persons and ones who lie. The very bad behaviours that he takes as an supportable errors are deception and lies.


His projection in life is having a good sociable family with a beautfull bone of his body that he may call "Queen of the household". His wonderful life-dream is seeking for a better future of his family.

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